Fresh Produce

“Only the freshest, highest quality.”


Strict Quality Assurance Standards:
For receiving and delivering fresh produce

Temperature Controlled Coolers:
Ensure the highest quality of our produce items

Daily Deliveries:
Direct from the West Coast and from local farms

Over 150 fruits and vegetables stocked daily

Exotic Fruits and Vegetables:
From Star Fruit to Tara Root

The Industry’s Highest Inventory Turns:
Equals the freshest products on the market

Processed Produce

“We’ve done the work for you.”


Product Uniformity:
An important benefit where consistent plate presentation is demanded.

Consistent Supply, Quality and Price:
Market Source produce offers stability on a year round basis.

Portion Control:
Operators can expect a certain number of portions per bag, with little variance on a year-round basis, providing consistent yield.

Reduced Waste:
With fresh cut produce, there are no bulk trimmings that need to be disposed.

Reduced Storage Space:
Economically friendly packaging takes up less space in the cooler and results in better inventory control.

Reduced Deliveries:
Value-added items take minimum cooler space, are packaged for maximum shelf life, and are easy to forecast and inventory. As a result, order frequency is reduced, along with the associated costs.

Reduced Training Requirements:
Market Source produce is ready to use, with little or no preparation

instruction required.

Plus! Ask about our seasonal locally grown produce.