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We supply an enormous variety of quality fresh seafood sourced from around the globe. Shellfish, shrimp, squid, whole loins and our fresh cut seafood, processed in an above standard facility. North Shore seafood is the freshest you can get in the business.

North Shore Fresh Tuna
Quality and Freshness Workmanship and Packaging Variety Portion Control Sustainability Featured Products

Largest and most consistent supply  of fresh seafood.

Temperature-controlled processing plant maintains an optimum environment for freshness.

Temperature-controlled packaging.

Portion Control - all products cut to order.

Global sourcing and purchasing program.

Continuous sanitation inspection well above both HACCP and USDA government standards.

Daily monitoring of global changes, trends, new products and techniques.

Quality & Freshness

Our carefully selected sources are true specialists in the seafood industry. Often these suppliers specialize in a single species. North Shore Seafood is inspected upon arrival at our door to ensure it meets our North Shore specifications. Being fully HACCP approved, we go beyond the standard measures required by law to bring North Shore into a league of their own in the seafood industry.

Fresh seafood arrives daily, guaranteeing the freshest seafood available. The seafood is hand processed within hours of arrival. All North Shore seafood is handled in 33°F temperatures, thus ensuring the utmost in safety as well as quality when it comes to your order.

North Shore Fresh Seafood CuttingNorth Shore Fresh Seafood Packaging

Workmanship and Packaging

Our teams of seafood processing experts are able to meet your exact specifications. This highly skilled team of seafood handlers takes pride in their workmanship.  Each seafood processor has completed an extensive top-notch apprenticeship program.

North Shore Seafood arrives at your door in the safest, most sanitary, temperature-controlled packaging available today. This superior packaging consists of high end containers, corrugation and ice packing to ensure that our premium seafood gets to you in perfect condition.


We handle over 75 species of fresh fish and shellfish.  These varieties are sourced from all corners of the world. We procure from places such as Hawaii, Chile, Scotland and the New England coastline.

North Shore Seafood VarietyNorth Shore Fresh Seafood Portion Control

Portion Controlled, Cut-to-Order Program

Save time, money, labor and waste. Order the quantity you want the way you want it.

We go beyond the standard measures required by law because we feel it is our responsibility – to the industry, the environment, and our customers – to provide the highest quality seafood for generations.


Providing fish that is Genetically Sound through species identification.

Sourcing suppliers that are in the practice of responsibly producing sustainable seafood.

Buying from fisheries that use specifically designed hooks that minimize damage.

Processing within hours of arrival in our temperature-controlled and sanitary seafood processing facility.

Featured Products and Brands...

Aukra Fresh Norwegian Salmon

Fresh, all natural and sustainable salmon raised in the deep ocean currents of the Norwegian Sea. This is the clean, natural salmon your customers want, with the reliability you need.

Learn MoreFresh Aukra SalmonFresh Aukra SalmonFresh Aukra SalmonFresh Aukra Salmon
Fresh Crabmeat

Fresh Crabmeat

Several varieties of crabmeat for any application. Norths Shore crabmeat is striclty fresh blue swimming crabmeat.

Fresh Mussels

Fresh Mussels

Fresh and frozen mussels perfect for exotic seafood dishes, raw bars, pastas and appetizers.

Fresh Oysters

Fresh Oysters

Fresh oysters from the best sources on both the east and west coasts. Offering specials weekly.

Fresh Calamari

Fresh Calamari

Several varieties of fresh calamari, already prepared as rings, tubes and tentacles. Also featuring a selection of breaded rings.



A huge selection of shrimp in all sizes, available both cooked and raw. Firm, flavorful and consistent.

Value Added Seafood

Value Added Products

An endless variety of breaded, battered and stuffed seafood options, perfect for any menu.

Fresh oysters from the best sources on both the east and west coasts. Offering specials weekly so your oyster bar can stay current with the most exciting trends in oysters.

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