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We are the exclusive distributor of Angus Reserve Beef.

Learn more about why Angus Reserve "Means Better Beef."

Dedication to Quality…

Leading the way in innovation and customer satisfaction for over 45 years, we at Specialty Steak have a passion for providing restaurants with the absolute finest meats in the industry.  Our methods of sourcing, aging and portion control provide the most tender, juicy and flavorful steaks available. The same dedication is obvious in all of our high quality meats.  Every product in our facility is treated with the highest attention to detail that can only come from dedicated professionals.  Every member of our team understands that our reputation goes into every box shipped.  We are proud to be known as the meat provider that sets the standard for quality and service.

Fresh Meats Distributor
Fresh Meats Distributor

Our Facility

Portion Control

Aging Program

Blue Beam

• Professional Cutters Our journeymen cutters professionally trained to understand your specific needs.

• State-of-the-Art Processing and Packaging
The most advanced equipment and with the finest packaging in the industry.

• HAACP Approved With 75,000 square feet of cutting, aging and storage space, we follow our federally approved HAACP plan to ensure an unbroken cold chain.


• Independently Owned and Operated Our ownership and family of employees have an unwavering commitment to quality, customers and the community.

• U.S.D.A Inspected Processing Facility

Every product sold by Specialty Steak, regardless of its grade or brand, is inspected and certified by the United States Department of Agriculture. Furthermore, our cutters continually inspect for cleanliness and quality during processing

• Quality Guaranteed

Cut by professionals and aged to perfection, we stand behind all of our products.

• Consistency

Our experienced cutters are able to provide the same cut, size and trim on every order.

• Labor Savings

Time saved by reduced labor allows you to run your operation efficiently.

• True Cost Control

No by-products, trim, spoilage or waste… just perfectly cut steaks every time.

• Simplified Ordering

Order by 5:00 PM today and receive your fresh “cut to order” steaks tomorrow.

• Total Inventory Control

You’re able to order by the piece, purchasing only the exact amount you need.

Committed Aging Program Our beef is wet aged a targeted 30 days. Aging beef increases both the flavor and tenderness of beef.

Our commitment to safety...

Blue Beam™ Photohydroionization Technology combines two types of UV rays and moisture to create ionization activity that significantly reduces microorganisms.

Over 180 times reduction in pathogens

No additives or processing aids

No effect on color or flavor

Reduction in all types of harmful bacteria

Scientifically validated by independent certified laboratories


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